So You’re Thinking About Buying a Home?

Congratulations! Did you know that 93% of people surveyed said that owning a home makes them happier than they were when renting? But you’re probably thinking, where do I start?! Don’t worry, when we meet for our buyer consultation we’ll cover all the following:

The Market

We’ll go over the current state of the market and what that means for you as a buyer.


We’ll discuss your financing needs and can point you in the direction of our most trusted lenders.

Buyer’s Agent

We’ll discuss our role as a buyer’s agent and why having one is in your best interest (at no cost to you!)

Home Shopping

Home Inspection


We’ll discuss your needs and wants in a home and the tools we use to search for potential properties.

We’ll discuss what to expect during an inspection and how we negotiate after it’s completed.

The finish line! We’ll discuss all the things needed to prepare you for a successful closing day!

Ready to Start the Home Search?

Let’s chat to discuss your perfect home & get shopping!